Top ten things a Lady needs in a Relationship

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Top ten things a Lady needs in a Relationship
A lady is either a girl or a woman and also the female gender of the human race.
Also in the human race, both the male and female needs love which in must cases the male approach and the female accept.
In this article, we are presenting the top ten things a lady needs in a relationship to keep it going.

  1. Attention:- so as the male needs attention, the female needs it more so always show her attention as much as u can
  2. Respect:- respect is always reciprocal as she shows you also show in returns
  3. Care: always show her care and concern.
  4. Don’t be Rude: be calm and humble at must times
  5. Surprises: women always like positive surprises.
  6. Outing: take her out once a while to a nice chilling spot.
  7. Gifts on special occasions
  8. Try to be understandable
  9. Don’t cheat while in a relationship, be faithful
  10. Show her LOVE.
    having a problem in your relationship? Try this few point out,
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